Family Is The Answer: The Next Step

Paula Belo

Last August 10, ROHEI Foundation, Operation Compassion, and the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), gathered families at the Manila Polo Club for “Family is the Answer: The Next Step.” The event was attended by families, couples and individuals who expressed their interest in adoption or fostering, either through a ROHEI event feedback form or via our online platforms. This served as a follow-up event to the Family is the Answer forums which were hosted by various local churches in and outside of Metro Manila.

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While the Family is the Answer forums raised awareness and educated families as to why adoption and foster care should be considered, The Next Step provided a practical orientation on what to do once they decide to adopt or foster. Practical advice on when to get a lawyer, how to begin the adoption or foster care process, and the like were given to prospective parents by the DSWD representatives. Our hope is that in doing so, they will be enlightened and guided in their foster or adoption process would be as smooth as possible.

The event was considered as an official pre-adoption forum by the DSWD — a key requirement in the prospective parents’ adoption or foster care process. This step marks the beginning of their response to the call of embracing children into their family. Along with Operation Compassion and the DSWD, we are honored and excited to continue to assist families in the succeeding steps of pursuing adoption or foster care.

We would like to thank the participants, the DSWD, and Operation Compassion for supporting our cause and our partners for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. This event was just the beginning as we will be tapping into more churches and communities to advocate that Family is the Answer. Please join us in prayer for the prospective families as they embark on the beautiful journey of foster care or adoption. If you or anyone you know is interested in foster care or adoption, please do contact us to receive an invite to the next event.



Check out the next Family Is The Answer Forum this September 28 at Victory Fort Bonifacio. Visit bit.ly/RFForumVictoryFort to see the details and to sign up.

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