What We Can Do This Orphan Sunday

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Orphan Sunday is this weekend! This is one Sunday each year when churches and organizations intentionally share about the love of God for the orphan and the beauty of adoption. In the Philippines, this initiative means so much to us because our own nation faces a crisis of more than 6 million orphaned and abandoned children.


Watch: The Orphan Crisis in the Philippines



Here is what you can do to learn more and advocate for this Orphan Sunday on November 13, 2022.


  • Learn more about Orphan Sunday! Spend 5 minutes browsing this page so you can tell your family, friends, and communities about it.


  • Listen to a podcast about the 20th anniversary (2021) of Orphan Sunday. (You can find more resources here!)


  • Download these Bible verse posts and share them with the tag #OrphanSunday.



  • Create your own posts through Orphan Sunday’s free graphics here and tag #OrphanSunday.


  • Share your story of adoption into God’s family with a family member, friend, or on social media.


  • If you’re looking for preaching resources about God, the church, and adoption for your church or organization, you can find some videos here! Use the password orphansunday2022 to access the videos for a limited time only.


  • If you’re a church or discipleship group leader, you can dedicate one of your meetings to a discussion about adoption, foster care, and other ways to support orphaned and abandoned children. (You can find a podcast about small acts, big impact here and a discussion guide here.)


  • Check out this article for a list of wholesome movies that talk about adoption that you can watch with the whole family!


  • Find more about what you can do as an individual and as a community through this guide.


  • Pray that Orphan Sunday 2022 will encourage more individuals and communities to collaborate and create partnerships so that we can end this orphan crisis together.


It might sound like a lot, but you can also try this: choose one thing to do this Orphan Sunday, and then continue this journey the whole year. Find family members and friends you can do this with. Get your church and communities involved. Don’t feel like you need to do this alone.


See you at Orphan Sunday!

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