#LoveIsThickerThanBlood: All The Episodes!

Jasmine Buen

As we celebrated Father’s Day this past month of June, it was the dads’ turn to share stories, lessons, and insights on adoption! We are so grateful to have had bestselling author, entrepreneur, speaker, and adoptive dad Ardy Roberto share his thoughts on #LoveIsThickerThanBlood. Together with other incredible dads, we explored the significance and impact of fatherhood, foster care, and adoption.

(Read more about Ardy’s story here.)

What was initially a two-part live stream series turned into three-weeks, full of insight and inspiration not just from the dads, but even from you, our audience, who shared your stories and journeys too. We were especially amazed to see more fathers speak up and ignite important conversations from their homes and from their hearts. Because of these episodes, more individuals, couples, and families reached out to the ROHEI Foundation.

In case you missed it, we are sharing all the episodes here!


Week 1: Ardy Roberto with James Lee Tica and Jonathan Henson

Week 2: Ardy Roberto with Butch Albert and Mike Papadopoulos

Week 3: Ardy Roberto with Rod Nepomuceno and Mark Cabag

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