Shamora: Live in Singapore

Joshua Poe Cadano

Last October, we were so blessed to have been the beneficiary of the Shamora LIVE in Singapore events. In only two nights, we were able to raise funds to fully furnish our children’s home and to kickstart our mothers’ fund!

The Shamora LIVE in Singapore events happened on October 26 and 27, 2018 and began with Mike and Joanna Blanding, our organizers, welcoming all who came to support the event.

During the event, ROHEI Foundation’s managing director Chrina Cuna-Henson got to share her heartwarming testimony of how she met God’s heart of adoption when she and her husband adopted their daughter. She shared that throughout the process of adopting her daughter, her heart for the orphaned children deepened as she learned of the heartbreaking realities of adopting from the Philippines. She expressed that the problem is not solely the negative stigma about adoption, but also that there is plenty of room for systemic improvements.

A couple of volunteers of the ROHEI Foundation team shared their own stories as well. One of the volunteers, Rachel Escosar, shared her adoption story and how she takes pride in being adopted. Another volunteer, Jasmine Buen, shared the statistics and the research behind the orphan crisis. She disclosed that many orphans in the Philippines are victims of the multibillion-dollar industry of human trafficking. With these unfortunate facts, the team closed by sharing their vision and mission to improve the system and to inspire hope, joy, courage, and purpose in orphaned children and across generations.

Following the team’s presentation, Mike Blanding from Giving is Social encouraged the audience to participate in the donation drive.

On the first night, the donation drive raised funds to furnish the children’s home with appliances and furniture, such as cribs, security cameras, and air conditioners. The first night also included a silent auction with 100% of proceeds going to the foundation. The auction items were generously donated by Jenny Balase-Reyes, Acclaro Clinic, Yoga Lab, YTL Hotels, The Shangri-la Hotel Singapore, Jaxs Bistro & Pizzeria, and Plentyfull.

On the second night, the donation drive was to provide for the foundation’s ‘Mothers’ Fund’, a financial assistance program extended to pregnant women in crisis enabling them to access prenatal care and medical assistance.

There was also a sale of the “Helping Hand Cookbook” by Frog Michaels on both nights, with 30% of sales committed to the beneficiary.

Shamora, an acclaimed R&B/Gospel recording artist and platinum-selling singer and songwriter from Atlanta, USA, and her keyboardist Quentin Dickerson from Nashville, USA, then serenaded the audience with their extraordinary musical abilities and deeply meaningful music. The performances were nothing short of captivating! Shamora’s performance was comprised of original music from her albums “Therapy: Live Sessions” and “Therapy: Love Sessions”.

“I loved seeing God move differently between the two nights of GivingIsSocial ! Though many things were unique, God’s presence remained constant. On both nights, Shamora’s voice and music touched hearts, people were incredibly generous towards the ROHEI Foundation…” – Chrina Cuna-Henson

God gave us an opportunity to bless beyond what we initially planned. Our faith was set on only being able to raise funds for the children’s home, but we were blessed beyond our expectations. Through the event we were also able to kickstart a fund for the medical care of birthmothers in crisis, raising a total of SGD 16,727.51 in two nights.

God is indeed a miracle-working God.

This event could not have been possible without the support of ROHEI Corporation, Giving is Social, and Shamora along with her amazing team who shared the same heart for the orphans

Again, thank you so much to our volunteers who willingly gave their time and efforts to make these events successful.

Lastly, thank you to everyone who became a part of this by came and gave for the benefit of Filipino children through the ROHEI Foundation. Through your radical generosity, we will soon be moving into our children’s home!

It is only with your support and prayers that we can continue existing to inspire hope, joy, courage, and purpose in orphaned children and across generations.

Check it all out on Giving is Social for more details!

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