Christmas Reflections on Adoption

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No matter how different Christmas may be for all of us this year, it’s true message remains one and the same. Jesus has come, and He brings the gift of love, hope, joy, peace, and belonging to God’s forever family. However you are reflecting on the Christmas story this year, whether through Advent with family, a re-reading of Luke on your own, or over dinner conversations with friends, we invite you to pause and ponder about Christmas as the best adoption story ever told.

It is the story of a humble birth. An adoptive dad who embraced his role in the life of Jesus. A family’s journey that was not Plan B. In more ways than one, the Christmas story is an adoption story.⁠ Aside from Joseph, Mary, and Jesus, it also tells of our own adoption in God’s family.

We’ve gathered some amazing reflections on Christmas and adoption that you can read with family and friends this year. As we reflect on these, our prayer is that these will allow you to grasp, appreciate, and share the Christmas message in a more profound fullness.



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Merry Christmas from the ROHEI Foundation Team!

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