Adoption and Foster Care


About ROHEI Foundation

The ROHEI Foundation is a non-profit organization that advocates for adoption. We believe that adoption is a beautiful solution to the orphan crisis in the Philippines.

Our response is to develop programs that provide holistic care for Pregnant Women in Crisis (PWIC), to rescue babies before they are abandoned and disowned, and to guide and support families in their adoption journey. Our PWIC program focuses on orphan prevention, while our advocacy work focuses on raising awareness for orphan care in the Philippines. As a Child Placement Agency, we can now facilitate adoptions and license foster families from within the National Capital Region (NCR) of the Philippines.


What is a CPA?

A Child Placement Agency facilitates adoptions and foster placements. ROHEI Foundation is a private non-profit institution with a license to operate as a child-placing agency. This license gives us the opportunity to receive and process applications from potential parents who want to build their families through adoption or foster care.


What’s the difference between adoption and foster care?

Adoption is a socio-legal process of providing a permanent family to a child whose parents have voluntary or involuntary relinquished parental authority over the child.

Foster care is the temporary placement of a child that needs special protection with a family while waiting for reintegration with their biological family, or placement with an adoptive family.


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How to adopt through ROHEI Foundation

  1. Consult with us
  2. Start the application process
  3. Attend our Pre-Adoption Forum
  4. Prepare documentary requirements
  5. Submit requirements to ROHEI Foundation
  6. Be interviewed by a ROHEI Foundation social worker
  7. Wait for your documents to be processed by ROHEI Foundation
  8. Be matched with a child by DSWD
  9. Bring your child home for supervised trial custody monitored by ROHEI Foundation
  10. Receive the Consent to Adopt (CA) from DSWD, which completes the administrative adoption process
  11. You are now ready for the judicial process! We would love to continue journeying with you through consultations and counseling, and would love to celebrate each future milestone with you.

How to foster through ROHEI Foundation

    1. Consult with us
    2. Start the application process
  1. Attend our Foster Care Forum
  2. Prepare documentary requirements
  3. Submit requirements to ROHEI Foundation
  4. Be interviewed by a ROHEI Foundation social worker
  5. Wait for your documents to be processed by ROHEI Foundation
  6. Get your foster care license
  7. Be matched with your foster child
  8. Bring your foster child into your home
  9. Live with your foster child with love and care, until a permanent placement for for him/her is available


Want to start your adoption or foster care journey?
Join our Pre-Adoption and Foster Care Forum!


This service fee covers administrative costs and allows the Foundation to continue serving more families. These fees will be discussed during the Adoption or Foster Care Orientations.

The specific services and payment terms can be discussed during a meeting with the Foundation staff. The indicated costs are the base fee. If you would like to give more towards the orphan prevention and orphan care work of ROHEI Foundation, it would greatly support the beneficiaries of our programs. If you prefer to avail of adoption services without a fee, the Department of Social Welfare and Development can accommodate you. Visit to know more.


Why ROHEI Foundation?

In the past four years, our aim has been to create a society where children are reared and raised with love, and where no child is neglected or abandoned.

In 2018, ROHEI Foundation was created with the mission of supporting families in their adoption journey. We started with only a mission and vision:

We exist to honor God by inspiring hope, joy, courage, and purpose in orphaned children and across generations. We see a world where every orphan is adopted into a family, breaking the generational cycle of illegitimacy and poverty. We see a world where every family is empowered to move in compassion and generosity towards the orphans.

What started as simple advocacy became one-on-one consultations with families interested in adoption. Finally, we have been granted a license that allows us to take a direct part in journeying with adopting and foster families. Through a commitment to efficient systems and qualified social workers, we are dedicated to bringing families together, addressing the huge number of children waiting in children’s homes, and helping solve the orphan crisis.